Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cupcake Swap Blog!

Thank you to OhSewBeautiful  for organising a fabulous Cupcake Swap

I was paired with the wonderful GiddyStuff

She sent me a wonderful parcel full of cupcake themed goodies, 
all beautifully wrapped in her personalized tissue paper!

I was so excited as this was the first swap I had participated in, and GiddyStuff didn't disappoint!!

In my parcel of wonder I got some pretty polka dot mini cupcake cases (I do LOVE baking!)

A lovely Betty Crocker cake confetti flavoured lip balm 
(actually tastes more like Angel cake! YUM!!)

Some splendid cupcake fabric and a gorgeous selection of ribbon including some cupcake bias binding which I didn't know they made! 
(My bestie Sharon will be SO jealous!)

Also in my parcel were two utterly fantasic handmade pieces from the very talented GiddyStuff

The first is possibly the cutest crochet cupcake I have ever seen!

I'm smitten!
 I love all the detail and love that has gone into it's creation!

She also made me a beautiful Christmas felt cupcake decoration with pretty little buttons and beads for sprinkles!

As this week I have actually been thinking about Christmas 
(plans, themes, decorations etc)
It was lovely to receive a Christmassy item to get me into action.

So thank you GiddyStuff so very much for my brilliant parcel, I hope you enjoyed yours at least half as much as I did! 
Please head over to visit GiddyStuff

and see the cupcake parcel I put together for her
Until next time Blog Peeps

Much Love

Bea x


  1. I loved putting this swap together, and I was overwhelmed when I saw all the goodies you had put in my parcel. Thank you for being a great swap partner x

  2. What lovely goodies to receive. That crochet cupcake is the cutest!
    Glad someone else is thinking about Christmas- I was beginning to think I had gone slightly mad:)


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