Monday, 25 July 2011

Blog on...

Another day, another blog.

It's been a busy weekend!
The husband and I have been busy with a little gardening project in the Rectory woodland, just about finished it this evening!
It involved a considerable amount of shovelling and raking of wood chippings!
The woodland is a gorgeous hidden area completely enclosed at the back of the neat and tidy formal Rectory garden. There is a long winding pathway (now nicely edged and wood chipped) that runs through the many trees to a large horse chestnut set in a circular clearing (which next Friday will be host to a Teddy Bears Picnic!!)

The pictures were taken on Saturday before all the wood chips were down, but it gives you an idea of the woodland.

We also planted some shrubs, flowers and an ornamental cherry!

The Husband and I are looking forward to the Teddy Bears Picnic on Friday, for which I shall be making a cake (pictures to follow!)

Anyway my bones are achey and in need of some sleeps, so I will bid you Goodnight my dear Blog Peeps

Bea x

Friday, 22 July 2011

And so to blog.

Here I go headlong into the wide world of blogging.

Thanks to my bestfriend Sharon Filler for her encouragement!

Well then better get on with it...

My name is Bea, I have recently become a wife, I live in a small town (which from here on shall be known as 'the village') I have a wonderful husband and a gorgeous duck egg blue house, I have 2 cats - Marmalade & Stevens, 2 bunnies - Rosalind & Orlando and 2 chinchillas - Chilla & Billy

I love baking and crafting. And I adore music, many many types!