Thursday, 22 September 2011

Pretty French Things!! (or Christmas came early!)

Well blog peeps!
I am very excited today! All the lovely pretty things the husband and I bought in France have arrived!!

There was a little too much to travel in hand luggage with us on the plane, so we packaged it all up and sent it on the scenic route!

It literally was like Christmas this morning coming down to all these goodies to unwrap!

Now the fun begins finding places for them all to live!!

Some of my favourite items....

Glass jars with ceramic lids and a wooden spice rack/towel holder for the kitchen.

A large white Limoges porcelain tureen, which will grace my Christmas table this year filled with festive vegetables of some sort (Brussels, pancetta & shallotts maybe!?)

Two tiered cake/nibbles stands.

Four ceramic rose door knobs which are going to replace the plain ones on our wardrobes!

A large pretty canvas made up of smaller ones which I couldn't resist as it has the husband's and my initials on M & B!

A very large birdcage photo holder for the wall.

A birdcage key store (the husband and I really have a thing for birdcages!)

So as you can see I now have lots of things to arrange and find homes for!

I also have to mention the amazing Cath Kidston bargains I picked up yesterday..
It is definitely dangerous to live so close to a Cath Kidston factory shop!

 I'm in love with my new Cath charm bracelet and sewing box!!!

Bea x x x


  1. Hi Bea, thanks for making contact on my blog...can't wait to start collecting/making things for our swop. Can't find an email contact for you but i'm new to all this so might be me!! Mine is
    Just had a look through your blog and looking forward to being a follower, lovely bits you got from France, particularly like the rose handles, spice rack and jars...and the photo holder...well love it all really!! And how lucky are you living close to a Cath Kidston factory shop xx

  2. Hi Bea,
    I've only just found your blog - this is my first visit!
    You certainly found lots of lovely things in France! The rose door knobs are GORGEOUS!!! Lovely CK stuff too! Well, it all is, isn't it?!?! I'm very jealous of anyone who lives close to a CK outlet!!!

  3. You have got a good eye for things. I love everything you bought in France, the cake stands and spice racks are my favourite. I have just found your blog via country rose, its lovely


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