Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Room to Blog!

Hello Blog Peeps.

Haven't blogged in a week or so, as the husband and I have had a few days away in beautiful central France.

One really exciting thing is that I now have curtains up in my craft room! I wish I could say I had made them myself but alas no, they were courtesy of John Lewis!

I'm in love with the fabric design, it's called Magic Trees and is actually part of JL's childrens decor range!

I'm really happy with how my craft room is coming along, still looks a bit full up but i'm sure that is how most craft rooms are!

One thing I still have to do is paint something interesting in the fireplace! I'm thinking maybe ivy/trailing roses? Or perhaps a bird flying from its cage? Of course I could just paint logs and flames but that would just be boring wouldn't it!

Talking of paintings I have actually completed another canvas since my last blog, it was like many of the others done at the request of the husband!

 This one is of his prized bearded dragon Adelaide in a jungley scene with his snakes in the background. It is to hang in the hot room where the bearded dragon and snakes live in their vivariums!

Anyway, I'd better go make a start on said husband's dinner!
I'll leave you with my favourite new purchase which is my crochet apple cosy that I saw on Giddystuff's Blog

It is from Etsy - The Fluffy Duck
Isn't it just adorable!

It really does stop my pink lady apples from getting all bruised in my handbag!

Till next time

Bea x

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