Monday, 8 August 2011

Blog Art...

Having been asked to do a painting for the church at the weekend, I realised how much I miss painting!
I really don't do it enough, considering how much I enjoy it, I even have my huge easel set up in the living room, so I have no excuse!
It's quite sad that I have more blank canvases than painted ones!

I think the last bit of painting I did must have been the Beatles picture I painted for the husband for his birthday...

 He is usually the one to encourage me to paint, ever since the first painting I did for him which was a tiger at his request.

Well watch this space and hopefully there may be a fresh new painting soon!

Bea x


  1. Just found your new blog and what I have seen so far is just lovely.
    Your paintings are beautiful.
    A clever lady you are, so follow you, I must!
    If you have the time, do pop over and say hi at my end of blogland- I love a bit of crochet and craftiness too!
    Have a good week.

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  3. I think your Beatles painting is amazing. You must really Love this husband of yours to go to all that effort.

  4. Hello Cupcake Swap partner!
    Yes, i'll need your details too.
    Are you on Twitter? I'm Giddystuff there, or if you have Ravelry i'm giddystuffknitz x

  5. I wonder if there will be a new painting when I get back?


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