Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pumpkin Fun

I hope everyone had a delightfully ghoulish Halloween.

 This year I made some little pumpkin goodies to hand out.

My little pumpkin patch!

They are little gathered parcels of crepe paper filled with little sweets and Halloween goodies tied at the top with florists tape, it's an idea I saw on Pinterest (via Martha Stewart) and I just had to try them out!

And it wouldn't have been Halloween without some real pumpkins, I carved three this year, and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out, I set them all up in the window on our 'tree table' I think it looked suitably scary!
I did a 'haunted house' one, which was quite simple really, I just painted the house and tree on with black acrylic paint and then cut out the moon and windows.

A 'scary smile' one (for the more traditional pumpkin fan out there!)

And with the third one I found a picture online of 'trick or treaters' and couldn't resist giving this one a try!

The Husband and I snuggled in with some Halloween movies and Chinese take away, we watched Beatlejuice and a few Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes.

We had quite a few little Trick or Treat callers, all in wonderfully frightful fancy dress! And they seemed pleased with the little pumpkins!

All in all a good little Halloween!

Bea x


  1. those little pumpkins are a fab idea, and i am in awe of your pumpkin carving i haven't ventured beyond the slightly wonky scary face!!!!
    We've been partnered in my Christmas Cracker Swap and am looking forward to putting your cracker together xxx

  2. Thank you Tracy & Claire!

    Ooooh so excited about the cracker swap! I have my kitchen roll tube at the ready!!!


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