Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Christmas Cracker Swap!

I have joined another swap!

I love swaps!

I have big dreams of organizing my own swaps one day (when my follower count reaches triple figures!)

This fabulous swap is being organized by Tracy at Mad About Bags (but it's not just bags she's mad about, she's mad on lot's of crafty things really!)

The idea of the swap is this.... 

  • You tell her you want to be in the swap
  • She pairs you up with a lovely swap partner
  • You take a kitchen roll tube and fill it with lovely things (crafty bits, pampering things, small handmade item, your favourite Christmas joke/recipe)
  • You then wrap the tube in a piece of fabric and tie at the ends with ribbon
  • Post the cracker to your partner
  • And then await your own crackers arrival! You'll have a tube filled with goodies and a lovely little bit of fabric and ribbon to add to your craft stash!!
  • That and you'll have made a new friend in your swap partner!

Simply wonderful!

Anyone can join the swap! Just pop over to Mad About Bags before 31st October!


  1. Sounds good. Now, what to fill it with?!?!

  2. Bubbly little things of course!!!

  3. Hi, I have already joined this, and am looking forward to it! So good to receive nice things in the post!!! I have a 'give away' on my blog at the moment, so if you're interested, take a look....


    It'd be good to have a few more people on board, so you can pass it on if you like!! x :)


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